Crystal Mic Pro X BlueWave
  • Crystal Mic Pro X BlueWave

    Crystal Mic Pro BlueWave is available NOW. Connect your phone wirelessly to listen to music or make phone calls. The system has 2 music settings:

    1. Mix. Listen to both music and intercom simultaneously

    2. Mute. Voice priority will mute the music when intercom activity is detected.


    Fully modular system:

    • Intercom cables for General Aviation, Airbus and Helicopter
    • Headphone cables with 2.5 mm plug (AKG or Bose) and 3.5 mm (Sony, Bang & Olufsen)


    Other features:

    •  20+ hours of music playback
    • Dual volume control
    • Headset will still function when batteries lose power.



    The BlueWave adapter uses a technology that is similar to a system that is named after a famous Viking King. We are currently applying for the appropriate certifications and so we are unable to advertize the precise technology that the BlueWave uses.


    * Mic attachment shown in the photo is optional

    If you are not fully satisfied you can return the product in its orginal condition within 30 days and we will refund you the full price less 15% re-stocking fee.


    After 30 days, we do not give refunds. Store credit may be applied at our discretion.