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Crystal Mic

The Crystal Mic is the best designed aviation microphone available. Attach it to your noise canceling headphone and transform it into an aviation headset.

Pilots have different needs and preferences so we offer several Pro Models: The Raptor (for those who want to use mic on either side of the headphone), The Typhoon (simple and robust) and the Lightning with swivelling BoseA20 mic boom.

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Removable Mic

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In Line Volume Control

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Adapters for General Aviation, Helicopters & Airbus

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Swiveling Microphone

The Microphone can be used on the Crystal Mic Air, a lightweight headset designed for use with active noise canceling earbuds or our own noise isolating acoustic tube earbuds.





I got the Crystal Mic Pro with M87 microphone and used it many times! I fly the C130 and a headset with Active noise reduction is necessary due to the noisy environment. The crystal mic pro is similar to Bose A20 because I had the opportunity to use it in a flight. The design of Crystal mic pro is very practical as well. The case is very nice! Overall the crystal mic pro is a perfect product for C130 pilots!


To date i have flown on about 5 flights with the new setup. I fly the 747, and this is where I am using the mic. 1st impression of the new design?: I absolutely love it! The mic boom picks up my voice so much better which was the main problem I was having with the old setup. I struggle to find any issues with your new setup. I love that the magnet in the boom seems to be set in the mold very well. The last set pulled apart just after 1 flight. The octagonal shape of the magenta seems to help. The sound quality is outstanding and the boom mic picks up my voice from a good distance when the boom is away from my mouth. No issues with ATC trying to understand me. The boom is perfect length, and a perfect thickness. The whole setup feels sturdy and like it's built to last. The mic does not drift. I believe your change to a single boom piece instead of the two pieces on your previous model has improved this dramatically. That boom stays in place just fine now.


Thank You for the bluetooth setup! That thing is awesome! It works extremely well and seems to last a good time on the battery. I wasn't sure what to expect with the volume vs ATC or hotmic with the other pilot. I wasn't sure if the volume would meter up and down based on incoming transmissions. It does not meter, but its' volume is easily controlled and does not interfere with any other transmissions. Again in my opinion you have nailed it with that design. I did notice it did not come with a charging cable, but that was not an issue as I have many micro USB cables around.


The carrying case is perfect size for everything.. It holds everything great for the setup and love that it has an internal pocket. The Bose case the headphones come with, lacks and internal pocket which drove me nuts, and is way to small to try and cram all the wires and setup inside.


I had a couple other pilots try out my headset. They were extremely impressed. They were using the Bose A-20s, and said your design is the most practical option they have seen that comes close to that quality. My favorite design feature is the ability to switch the boom from one headphone side to the other. This is handy when I am sitting IRO duty and switch between the left and right seat. Your design allows for the headphones to be worn the correct way (some guys just flip there around depending on what seat they are in, but this results in wearing the headphones backwards sometimes). The pins for the GA adapter seem to be well made, and the cord length is perfect. I like that you include a clip to aid in keeping the excess cord out of the way.


I got the Crystal Mic Pro and have used it several times. I was looking for an adapter for a noise cancelling headset and I had my heart set on getting the Sony 1000XM2s over the Bose QC35iis. I was looking for an adapter to work with the Sony headset and I came across Crystal Mic. The adapter works really well and I use it with the Sony 1000XM2s. My only complaint is that in the summer time the glue substance holding the magnet to the mic got loose with the heat and the mic has fallen off my headset during flight a couple of times. I bought some super glue to reattach and has worked well. I am excited for the Bluetooth version to come out. I will say the noise cancelling of the Sony 1000XM2 is amazing and ATC can always hear me crystal clear with regard to radio communications. Also it's a really easy, painless setup for a headset adapter. I've used BoseA20s and my current setup with crytal mic and my sony 1000XM2 and the noise cancelling is very comparable. Both are very quiet, but crystal mic was half the cost.

  • How do I attach this to my headphones?
    The microphone is held on using magnets. Simply attach the magnet(s) to one or both sides of the headphone using the double sided tape (inclu ded) and attach one magnet inside the magnet holder on the microphone cable. Watch this video. Later models have black rubber stickers that can be used to increase friction between the magnets.
  • Why are there two 3.5 mm sockets on the General Aviation Adapter?
    Both sockets are the same. You can use the auxiliary socket to plug your phone in using a 3.5 mm 4 pole male to male cable. If you use a three pole plug, this will short out the microphone and the Crystal Mic will not function.
  • What Bose headphones can I use with the Crystal Mic?
    Bose QC25 and Bose QC35.
  • How do I use a headphone with a 3.5 mm adapter?
    You can attach a 2.5 to 3.5 mm audio adapter to the plug. This is included in most packages or available on request if you have purchased a Crystal Mic. ​
  • Can I use Sennheiser headphones?
    We recommend the Sennheiser PXC 550. You can buy them on ebay for less than $300.
  • I get some background noise when there is no voice activity. How can I eliminate this?
    Depending on how your panel is wired, there may be some electromagnetic interference coming from some of the installed electrical equipment and avionics. To eliminate or reduce this, turn the volume down on the Crystal Mic volume control and increase the intercom volume.
  • I hear some crackling and mic is intermittent. What is wrong?
    Make sure the microphone is fully inserted into the socket.
  • Can I use this in a call center?
    Yes. The noise cancelling microphone is ideally suited for any noisy environments such as call centers, stadiums and busy streets.
  • What is your return policy?
    You have 30 days to try products out. If you are not fully satisfied you can return the items for a refund less 15% re-stocking fee and shipping costs. Items must be returned in original condition with all components. After 30 days, we do not give refunds. Store credit may be applied at our discretion.


Crystal Mic is not affiliated with AKG, Sennheiser, Sony or Bose. Photos are shown for illustration only. All views expressed on this site about specific headphones are personal and gathered from experiential information and in-flight tests.

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