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Flight Pad is a 3-in-1 iPad holder, kneeboard and clipboard making it undoubtably the most advanced and versatile kneeboard available today.

Features include a removable pocket, pen holders, a phone pocket, stand-alone iPad cover and an aluminum clipboard with VFR placard. It’s ideal for all pilots whether you are a student or professional military pilot. 


VFR placard on the aluminum clipboard

Aluminum clipboard can be used as stand-alone kneeboard

Removable mini iPad holder

Side pockets and pen slots

Heavy duty elastic straps fits big and small pilots

Universal eyelets spacing (ringlets not included)

Designed for airplanes and helicopters

Suitable for both IFR and VFR flying

Transparent strap to hold your notes/ approach plates


Flight Pad is not affiliated with Apple, Samsung or Huawei. Photos are shown for illustration only. All views expressed on this site about specific headphones are personal and gathered from experiential information and in-flight tests.

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