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Crystal Mic Pro V (The Viper) for Sony
  • Crystal Mic Pro V (The Viper) for Sony

    The Viper is a more affordable version of the Lightning and features a removable microphone. 



    The Viper uses Crystal Mic M7A2 microphone which is similar in size to the David Clark M7A. The microphone housing has a swivelling microphone boom and the headphone attachment keeps the microphone secured using magnets.


    Right Side Lightning available for WH-1000XM5: The same attachment can be used to put the microphone on the right side of the headphones.


    XM4 Right Side will be available Summer 2023. We are currently working on the attachment design.




    Our recommendation is the Sony WH-1000XM5 because they are the most comfortable and have the best noise reduction. These headphones will still work even when the battery runs out. 


    The advantage of the Crystal Mic over our competitors is the modular design: only the attachment needs to be changed if you upgrade to newer headphones of the same brand.


    The difference between the Lightning/Viper and the Fulcrum are:

    1. Lightning mic housing is slightly larger than the Fulcrum

    2. Lightning mic boom is the same as on BoseA20 Headset. The Fulcrum BoseA20 mic boom is similar except that the swivelling part uses an SMB connection.

    3. Lightning is available with the following microphones:

               BoseA20 Intricon (TSO) 

               Gentex Low impedance microphone 

        Viper is available with these microphones:

               Crystal Mic M7A2 

               David Clark M7A (TSO)


    Why Crystal Mic is better than other USA / Norwegian brands:

    1. Crystal Mic has more models to suit user needs. There is no one model that suits the demand or needs or all pilots so we have many models to choose from.

    2. Crystal Mic has models for BOTH Sony and Bose headphones. Other inferior USA brands have only models for the Bose headphones. Crystal Mic is professionally designed by Dr Steve Kwan, an engineer and commercial pilot for both helicopter and airplanes.

    3. Crystal Mic is the only microphone that has the Bluetooth option with voice priority. When you  plug the microphone into the headphone, the headphone's bluetooth is automatically disengaged. This is why we developed the Bluewave with voice priority. It lets you connect your phone wirelessly to your headset so that you can listen to