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Crystal Mic Pro T ( The Typhoon)
  • Crystal Mic Pro T ( The Typhoon)

    The PRO T version (Typhoon) has a thicker mic boom and a removable microphone. This version simply plugs into the audio socket of the headphones. The removable mic allows you to change the microphone to an M87 dynamic mic or the David Clark TSO m7A mic. BoseA20 mic (made by Intricon) is also available.


    The Typhoon is simple and robust making it ideal for commercial use.


    Typhoon is available for

    Bose QC35, Bose QC45, Bose 700

    Sony WH-1000XM3/4 (headphones are same shape) and Sony WH-1000XM5


    For QC45... choose QC35 and indicates in the notes you want the QC45 attachment


    Buy the Typhoon if you want a simple and robust solution. There is only one cable that plugs into the headphone socket. The cable assembly is held firmly in place by the headphone attachment and will not easily come out when you tug on the cables unlike products sold by our competitors.


    Watch these video on Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose700 with Bose A20 microphones. 


    The Typhoon will function on other headphones with 2.5 mm (not the QC25) or 3.5 mm sockets but it is not recommended because a headphone attachment is needed to hold the microphone securely in place. If the attachment is not used, the microphone will swing freely in the horizontal plane.


    We recommend the Sony WH1000XM3  / XM4 because they are the best noise cancelling headphones currently available. Watch this review at the 11 minute mark.


    Sony WH-1000XM5 have even better ANR than XM4.


    If you choose the David Clark M7A or the BoseA20 mic made by Intricon, only the microphone is TSO and not the entire headphone / Crystal Mic combination


    *Headphones are not included


    Why Crystal Mic is better than other USA / Norwegian brands:

    1. Crystal Mic has more models to suit user needs. There is no one model that suits the demand or needs or all pilots so we have many models to choose from.

    2. Crystal Mic has models for BOTH Sony and Bose headphones. Other inferior USA brands have only models for the Bose headphones. Crystal Mic is professional designed by Dr Steve Kwan, an engineer and commercial pilot for both helicopter and airplanes.

    3. Crystal Mic is the only microphone that has the Bluetooth option with voice priority. When you  plug the microphone into the headphone, the headphone's bluetooth is automatically disengaged. This is why we developed the Bluewave with voice priority. It lets you connect your phone wirelessly to your headset so that you can listen to music while in cruise or to make phone calls when you are on the ground.

    4. Crystal Mic Pro Fulcrum and Lightning models are available with the TSOd Intricon microphones. These microphones are similar to those used on BoseA20 headsets. The Intricon microphones are much better than those offered by our competitors. 

    5. The Pro models come with robust microphone booms. Our competitors only offer floppy microphone booms that move easily during turbulent conditions.

    6. Crystal Mic is not a one product company like our competitors. Crystal Mic is sub-brand of Crystal Pilot and OSEI. We have many talents and we develop and sell many professional products for pilots, divers and explorers.

    7. We don't use cliches to market our products. "Designed by Pilots for Pilots" may be cool if you grew up in the 80's but we would like to highlight that engineers are needed to design products that are robust and reliable.









    • Our in flight tests show that the Sony XM3/XM4 offer better noise cancelling than Bose QC35. Bose 700 is better than QC35.
    • Pro model is better suited for large aircraft with EGPWS
    • Typhoon model only works on the left earcup where the audio socket is located.
    • Headphones not included. 
    • Not affiliated with Bose or Sony.
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