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Swift C28 Carbon BT ANR Headset
  • Swift C28 Carbon BT ANR Headset

    We decided to develop our own high end headset that will better than what Bose, Lightspeed and David Clark have to offer. It will feature:


    • Removable mic that can easily attach and detach to both sides of the headset using magnetic connectors
    • Carbon Fiber ear cups
    • Bluetooth built into the ear cup
    • Hybrid active noise cancelling


    The C28 is robust, stylish and lightweight and suitable for airline pilots, general aviation, gamers, office workers and audophiles.


    The boom mic will be removable and can be attached to either side of the headset. The cable will also be detachable and will be independent of the microphone.


    If you choose BlueWave option, the Bluetooth will be builit into the headset itself.


    You can prebuy this now and save $$$$. Email us for the coupon code.


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